Man Shitting Himself In Corner Not Part Of Haunted House Experience, Organisers Confirm


A LOCAL ‘scare house attraction’ has been quick to deny that a grown adult man absolutely shitting himself in the corner of their premises is part of the experience, WWN has learned.

Organisers at The Nightmare Realm in Dublin have confirmed that 25-year-old self confessed hard man, Eoin Ganley had entered their premises with friends yesterday evening boldly proclaiming he ‘doesn’t scare too easily’.

“He deafened a few of the staff with that piercing screech of his, and other patrons thought this man with a manic look in his eyes, rocking back and forth, muttering ‘don’t make me go back in there’ was all part of the craic,” confirmed an employee from the haunted house.

It is believed Ganley, a regular gym goer and lover of all things manly, also injured one of his friend’s hands after clutching on to it for dear life shortly after a skeletal figure jumped out at him from out of nowhere.

“Broke all the bones in the poor lad’s hand, and we’ve tried to coax him out of the corner with some treats, but he won’t budge, he may be stuck in constant shitting himself state… There may be no way back for him,” conceded a doctor on the scene.

WWN sought clarification on Ganley’s condition, and after a brief smell of the corner he currently resides in, we can confirm that ‘shitting himself’ isn’t just a turn of phrase.

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