72-Year-Old Breaks Guinness World Record Waiting Time For A&E Trolley


A LONGSTANDING world record time for waiting on a trolley in an accident and emergency department has been well and truly shattered by a 72-year-old Waterford man, currently in his 95th hour of lying in the halls of Waterford regional hospital.

Patrick Hamilton was admitted to A&E suffering from a non-specific light-headedness combined with cramps in all his limbs almost four whole days ago, and was given a trolley to lay on after initial examinations proved inconclusive and warranted further tests.

With bed shortages still rife across Ireland, Hamilton knew that he would be waiting a long time before being allowed up to a ward, but had no idea that he would be entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for his amazing stay.

Shattering the previous record of 82 hours held by a Cavan grandmother when she broke her ankle in 2009, Hamilton is currently showing no signs of having his record-trouncing run ended.

“I’m still in great fear that I’m about to die at any minute, but it’s nice to win something,” said Hamilton, grandfather of many.

“I’d like to thank everyone at the HSE for helping make this happen, from the top down, and our government for helping make the health system run efficiently enough to allow me to start my fifth day in this hall”.

Patrick’s joy may be short-lived however, as an elderly lady with a broken knee has just entered her third day on a trolley in the Midlands, a potential contender if ever we’ve seen one.