Pat Hickey Jumps From Top Of Brazilian Dam & Goes On The Run


OCI chief Pat Hickey has launched a daring escape from police on top of a Brazilian dam shortly after being formally charged for his alleged part an illegal ticket selling operation.

Evading police and a team of Brazilian Marshalls, who gave chase on foot, Hickey made his way through a network of tunnels, leading him to the edge of an opening overlooking Brazil’s Iguazu falls, which borders on neighbouring Argentina.

One officer is rumoured to have caught up with Hickey and ordered him to put his hands up, only for the IOC member to jump from the top of the dam and safely into the water a hundred feet below.

“Before he jumped he just shouted ‘I did not sell those tickets’,” one senior police officer said.

While the whereabouts of Hickey after his leap are unknown, it is believed the river’s current took him over the border to Argentina, from where it is expected he will solve the case on his own and thus prove his own innocence.

Hickey stands accused of ticket touting, forming a criminal cartel, illicit marketing, embezzlement, tax evasion, and money laundering.

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