Shocking Footage Shows Unprivileged Teenagers Having Fun


A TEENAGE boy who is assumed to be from an unprivileged background has been caught red handed by the Irish media having fun in the river Liffey, despite large numbers of unsuspecting professionals making their way around the city.

The despicable footage shows the boy, who should have been in school or something, jumping from a restaurant roof and over innocent pedestrians, and into the river, leading to a call for stricter guidelines on fun in an already jam-packed city full of teenage amenities.

“Do these kids not have heroin to be shooting up or something,” asked one man eating a 10 euro burrito. “I came to the quays to eat my lunch and enjoy the wonderful scenery and infrastructure my cold hard tax is paying for. Surely there’s pools of water in more derelict parts of the city they could be jumping in”.

It is understood that many of teenagers partaking in the unsightly activity were also somehow able to swim back to the quay to jump again.

“Where the hell are they learning to swim, when there are so very few swimming pools and activity centres in the city?” Dublin city councillor Tommy Hackett. “These children need to be discouraged from any physical activity which may look bad on our city”.

“It is incredibly unsafe, and dangerous, and somebody could seriously hurt themselves, but that’s not the point. The point is, these kids are probably from working class areas and that should piss you off,” confirmed tabloid reporter Ian Pally.