Local Man Running Out Of Excuses Not To Mow Lawn


THE gardening net is tightening around one Waterford man, who has used up pretty much every excuse he knows, in his attempt to get away with not mowing his lawn for the first time this year.

Con Magee, 37, had managed to get from last September to April without his wife Carol even asking him to mow their 20×20 foot back lawn, a personal best.

However, with the recent bout of good weather, Dungarvan native Magee has found himself under pressure to break the Flymo out of the shed, and has used up his entire arsenal of excuses in an alarmingly short period of time.

With his wife now starting to doubt that the “ground is still too wet” or that he “doesn’t have time to give it the two cuts it needs”, Magee is hoping above hope that the next few weekends are bogged down in rainfall, so that he can enjoy another few Saturdays without having to put mower to grass.

“The back yard looks like Cambodia,” admitted Magee, who just wants to sit down at the weekend.

“But to be honest, I really feel like if I get away without mowing the lawn for just another month, I’ll not have to do it until next year. We’ve a communion at the end of the month, then we’re going on holidays in July… if I can just get away without mowing the lawn for the weeks inbetween, I’ll be sorted”.

Magee insists that the lawn will at some stage get mowed, but perhaps not by him.