Local Woman Under The Impression She Can Hug Everyone She Meets


A COUNTY Waterford woman has somehow got the impression that she can just go around hugging everyone she meets, whether she actually knows them or not.

Ciara Roche, (25), was eventually sat down by friends and family members during a staged intervention last Monday in a bid to shine some light on her overly-affectionate behaviour.

“Ciara, you really need to stop hugging people all the time,” dad Terry Roche began. “The postman is even afraid to deliver parcels now after you hugged him the last time you ordered something online. He’s a married man Ciara, you’ve got to understand, some people have loved ones that wouldn’t be happy with their partners being hugged by a strange woman”.

Unaware of the problem, Ciara made a move to hug her dad out of habit, before stopping herself midway.

“Sorry mam, do you mind if I hug dad?” the oblivious Ciara asked, not getting the problem.

“No Ciara, it’s okay to hug people you know really well, but not strangers, or friends of friends you don’t even know.” Bestest friend in the whole wide world Katie Hackett interrupted. “Last week you hugged some taxi-driver getting out of the car when you were drunk in your little dress. You had the guy drooling. You need to fucking stop it, you fucking clown”.

Finally aware of the issue, Ciara apologised to her friends and family for being so naive and promised to be more careful in future, before insisting on a group hug.