Out Of Practice Man Says ‘I Love You’ 3 Minutes Into First Date


A CORK native has made an unsteady return to the dating scene after 4 years by shouting ‘I love you’ after just 3 minutes into a first date, WWN has learned.

Niall Colleary, with an address somewhere in Ireland, arrived in the Bodega bar in Cork City for a blind date with Una Chatterly after being set up by mutual friends.

The 23-year-old engineer, who is only recently out of a long term relationship, waited just 184 seconds into the date before letting slip that he loved the attractive and affable Chatterly.

“Shit, I’ve fucked that one up haven’t I?” Colleary said to WWN after locking himself in a cubicle in the men’s toilets, “I’ve forgotten how all this dating lark works, but I’m almost sure you save saying ‘I love you’ until halfway through the date”.

Colleary went on to explain that having been in a long term relationship, any affection shown towards him can and will most likely result in an intense wave of emotion leading to him falling in love.

“I was playing it cool as a cucumber there for the first 2 minutes, but then she laughed at something I said and cupid’s arrow stuck,” Colleary admitted.

Chatterly, for her part, is already halfway home after ordering a taxi in the seconds following Colleary’s dash to the toilets.