Monaghan Council Turn Pothole Into Local Swimming Pool


A MONAGHAN county councillor has been hailed for his hard work which has seen a 14 foot deep pothole repurposed in order to provide the locality with a swimming pool, WWN has learned.

Councillor Trevor Nelligan came up with the idea after his car got stuck in a pothole on The Grange road, completely submerging his car.

“The water was about chest high when it hit me, some of the locals were saying they’d love a swimming pool, and there’s no chance we’d be fixing a pothole until the next local election role round so it was a natural fit,” Neilligan explained.

With the pothole having a width of 24 metres and a length of 120 metres it will now become Ireland’s largest swimming pool.

“We’ve already had a number of inquiries from the Irish Olympic swimming team to use it, but we’ve water aerobics on around the clock once it’s open, but yeah, I’m sure we can work something out,” Nelligan explained.

The young councillor has been praised for his ingenuity and has even admirers in the highest political circles.

“Making do while being ignored is what makes rural Ireland so very special, and Trevor is a man who obviously knows too well, we’ve no money for him or Monaghan so it was a great bit of thinking,” Taoiseach Enda Kenny remarked while staging his 456th press address about Ireland’s 100% rural broadband coverage.