200th Birthday Of Ha’penny Bridge Celebrated With Impromptu Fight


AN EVENT close in scale and scope to the recent 1916 Commemorations has unfolded on the Liffey’s most beloved bridge in an effort to mark its 200th birthday.

The Ha’penny bridge’s bicentennial was marked in a lavish ceremony involving a red carpet, but crowds were also treated to a brief cultural performance celebrating the bridge.

Witnesses have reported that two men, believed to be actors, got into a fight about nothing important, exchanging carefully choreographed punches sending surrounding pedestrians ducking for cover.

“It was class, it was so realistic. There was blood everywhere, and I liked how they didn’t have any guards come in to break it up, it was very, very realistic,” explained one member of the crowd Gavin Keegan.

In the rush to avoid being beaten up, several tourists were mugged by opportunists in the confusion while a homeless was moved off the bridge by the local authorities who feared he might get in some photos being taken by the media.

“It was a real tour de force of a performance,” remarked arts critic Damien Devlin, “an allegorical smorgasbord deeply in tune with the Ha’penny… or at least I think it was,” Devlin added while leafing through a thesaurus.

Reruns of the immersive theatre experience will be staged every 10 minutes for the rest of today.