Man Awarded Prestigious Medal After Staying Off The Drink For Nearly A Week


A WATERFORD man who had earlier complained that he deserved a medal for abstaining from alcohol since Sunday evening is to be awarded with one of the country’s highest awards at a ceremony later today.

Gavin Marron decided to tackle his two-or-three-cans-a-night habit amid concerns that he was developing a “drinking problem”, which Marron responded to with scorn and assured those concerned that he could quit whenever he wanted.

Making it all the way through Monday and Tuesday without a delicious, soothing gallon of ice-cold beer, the 33-year-old began to feel a bit hard done by, due to the lack of praise he was receiving for his gallant efforts.

Word of his heroic abstinence soon spread to the Department Of Alcohol, and following the trending of a “Justice For Gavin” hashtag on Twitter, the Dungarvan native is to be awarded with a Purple Liver medal at Dublin Castle today.

“Proper order too, I think,” said Marron, who has agreed to allow himself a few beers at the weekend, starting on a Thursday evening and ending on Sunday night.

“I’m not an alcoholic, but I think that managing to stay off the drink during the week is something that took a lot of effort, determination, sleepless nights as my body struggled to cope with the lack of alcohol, and general inner strength. I’ll drink to that!”

Marron’s name will be added to a plaque on the “wall of heroes” outside the Guinness brewery.