Limerick Mother Arrested For Child Hair-Cut Abuse


A COUNTY Limerick woman has been arrested at her home following what Gardai can only describe as the worst case of child haircut abuse they have ever witnessed.

Katie Maher, who lives in Moyross, was charged with 12 counts of grievous body-hair-harm after teachers reported seeing her daughter Ciara (12) with “a severe haircut”, with Maher claiming she had “an accident with a lawnmower”.

“This was the fourth time Ciara claimed she had been run over by a lawnmower,” head principle Tadhg Roche said today. “Suspecting there may have been other factors at play, I decided to contact gardaí about her mishaps”.

After questioning Ciara, gardaí later issued an arrest warrant for her mother Katie, after it was revealed that she was the one responsible for her daughter’s incredibly bad hairstyle, which she later admitted to creating using only a scissors and a cereal bowl.

“Upon searching the Maher residence, we found a rusty pair of scissors and hair trimmings in a refuse sack,” an arresting Garda confirmed. “That poor child’s fringe will never be the same after this”.

Ms. Maher was arrested at the scene and charged with child haircut abuse while a file is being prepared by the DPP.