Sales In Aqua Cars Soar As Plane Tickets To Euros Sell Out


CAR dealerships across the country have reported bumper sales in Aqua Cars, with almost 4,000 marine vehicles sold in the first quarter of 2016.

It is understood that the inflated cost of plane and boat tickets ahead of the 2016 European Championships has forced Irish fans to seek alternative transport, in the form of amphibious cars.

“I got mine on Done Deal for a song,” Irish football supporter, Darren Collins, told WWN. “We’ll fit about eight of us into it. If anything, it’ll be a bit of craic going over.

“Our plan is to leave Tramore on the Friday, and we should be there in time for the opening ceremony on the Sunday….olé, olé olé olé”. he added.

The Road Safety Authority of Ireland has urged anyone travelling to the European Championships in France via aqua car to make sure all their wheels are ‘well pumped’ to stay afloat, as sinking could be a major risk factor during the 600 mile sea journey.

“We advise motorists/captains to bring a good car pump and some life jackets for the journey,” a spokesperson for the RSA advised. “And don’t forget to drive on the opposite side of the sea once in French waters”.

An estimated 14 million Irish fans will travel to the European Championships this June.