World’s First ‘Men Only’ Car Insurer Burned To The Ground By Feminists


EMERGENCY services in south county Dublin today have contained a substantial blaze in the Sandyford area after the offices for Ireland’s first ‘men’s only’ insurance providers were burnt to the ground by a group of angry feminists.

Gardai at the scene believe that over twenty women armed with several canisters of petroleum invaded the offices of in a local business park, before evacuating the building using force and then torching it to the ground.

“Ironically, the offices were just two doors down from a women only car insurer that has been operating here for the last 8 years… without incident, ” Garda Thomas McKenna told WWN this evening. “We believe a band of feminists stormed the offices of at 9:54am.

“They proceeded to beat all the male employees out the front door of the building before dousing the reception area in petrol, then setting it alight”.

Eyewitnesses claim the women began shouting ‘equal rights for all’ during the forty minute attack, which left several men with minor injuries, and severely damaged egos.

“We only launched this company last night,” CEO David Hanway explained. “Who knew it would be such a problem”.

Mr. Hanway said he doesn’t think he will pursue his business venture after today, stating that ‘what’s good for the goose, is obviously too good for the gander’.