Head Of Influential YOLO Cult Converts To Buddhism


MORGAN Sheffeteri, the founder of the vastly influential YOLO cult has devastated his dedicated followers by turning his back on his movement, sensationally converting to Buddhism.

Followers of YOLO routinely reaffirm their faith by posting examples of how they are living their lives in the knowledge that it is the only one they will ever have.

Wearing shorts on a cloudy day, ordering pizza instead of having a healthy salad, and getting tattoos without much thought have all been examples of YOLO followers living the only life they have to the maximum, just as Sheffeteri’s teachings outlined.

“I’m devastated, I’ve been a level 3 YOLO follower for a few years, if the leader is leaving the faith, then I think I might have to question only living once,” one shocked follower told WWN at the gates outside YOLO headquarters in Miami, Florida.

The cult leader founded the movement in the early 80s, but it gained huge momentum in the 2000s with the advent of the internet.

Sheffeteri’s conversion to Buddhism has been explained as a rejection of his own teachings, with a brief statement explaining his decision.

“At 67 now, I can see my life is coming to a close, and the idea that you only live once is terrifying to me so I have converted to Buddhism. These guys come back in the next life, and I’m all about not dying now,” the statement concluded.