Man Spends Entire Meeting Eyeing Up Plate Of Biscuits


A ROUND-TABLE discussion in the boardroom of a prominent Dublin accountancy firm has become a battle of wits for one man, who has spent the past 20 minutes of the crucial meeting debating with himself as to whether or not he should take a few bickies from the massive plate in the middle of the table.

Eamon Coyle, 27, has been employed at McKinnion & Farrell Accountants for less than a year, and was invited to attend a meeting to discuss new business terms with potential new clients.

Although prepared to take part in any discussions that involved him, Coyle has become sidetracked by a plate of snacks laid out for the meeting, and is currently incapable of focusing on anything else.

The junior account manager has become locked in an internal debate about biscuit-etiquette, and is unsure as to when he should make a lunge for a chocolate digestive, if at all.

“Are they for the members of McK & F, or just the bigwigs from the other crowd,” mused Coyle, who isn’t hungry, but just fancies a bickie. “I mean there’s a plate of them just sitting there, waiting to be taken. Should I just go for it? Nobody else has taken one, maybe I shouldn’t be the first to get stuck in.

“I hope nobody asks me anything, I haven’t been listening to a word anyone said” he concluded.