Donegal Tourist Board Member Arrested For Staging The Northern Lights


A COUNTY Donegal man was arrested this morning after Gardai acted on a search warrant, in which they found over €10,000 worth of green lighting equipment hidden at the back of his home.

Acting on intelligence handed into Gardai from the Derrybeg area, Conor McCabe was charged with ‘light-pollution’ and brought to a local Garda station for questioning, where he later admitted to staging the Northern lights, a common name for the Aurora Borealis.

“The alarm was raised when a plane landing in Donegal airport reported a strange green glow emanating from the hills surrounding Derrybeg,” a Garda explained to WWN. “We passed it off for the Northern Lights but decided to investigate the report the following morning after it was revealed the green lights continued right passed sunrise”.

Upon arriving at Mr. McCabe’s home at 11am, Gardai spotted a man rushing out the back of the home to a shed, where they witnessed the strange green glow in the sky suddenly disappear.

“It was like God himself turned of the Aurora Borealis, so we knew something was afoot.” recalled the guard, who is now up for promotion. “When he answered the front door, Mr. McCabe looked nervous, so we arrested him and later retrieved a warrant to search the premises.

A total of 46 high powered halogen lights were discovered aimed at the sky. Each one with an array of green, blue and red filters, which would explain the unusual amount of activity lately in the Donegal sky.

It was later revealed that McCabe is on the local tourist board and was trying to ‘drum up some business’ for the area and was just acting on good intentions. However, not everyone was amused by his actions.

“I just feel kind of sick,” one local photographer told WWN. “I spent the last four years taking shots of some cunt’s yard lights, sending the pictures into newspapers. He has made us all look like fools. Hanging is too good for the bastard.”