Mortifying Scenes At Oscars As All Men Show Up Wearing The Same Thing


THERE were red faces all round at tonight’s Academy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles, after almost every single man in attendance showed up wearing the same outfit.

From George Clooney to Sylvester Stallone, all of the male attendees landed at the glitzy event wearing a black suit, white shirt, and a tie or dicky-bow.

Heated arguments were heard breaking out as the actors, directors and producers debated among themselves as to who should be allowed to keep wearing their clothes and who should be forced to go home and change, with Leonardo Di Caprio heard exclaiming that he should keep wearing his tuxedo as he “wears it best”.

Fashion journalists and paparazzi wasted no time in tearing into the men, posting scathing criticisms on Instagram and Twitter where they were lapped up by a worldwide audience of actor-shamers.

“The fucking state of some of these lads, seriously,” said one tabloid journalist in a 15 page spread titled ‘Actors In Red Carpet Mortification’.

“Honestly, what were they thinking. Some of them have made a little bit of effort to change the colour of their dinner jackets, but that’s about it. It’s like they thought they weren’t going to suffer the scrutiny that their female counterparts go through on every red carpet event they attend. Absolute spanners”.

The massive fashion faux pas was compounded by rumours that some of the actors were wearing the same outfits they had worn to the Golden Globes ceremony nearly two months ago.