Storm Jonas’s Sick Message To Ireland’s Elderly


NOT content with being caught by Gardaí doing 120kph in a 60kph zone, Storm Jonas has sent a chilling message to Ireland’s elderly as he continues to wreak havoc on the Nation.

Taking to the comments section of the a user going by the name of ‘Storm Jonas’ left a disgusting statement which can only be read as a callous and cowardly barb aimed at the most vulnerable in our society.

“I’m gonna blow yiz over, yiz old fucks,” the comment read, highlighting the true danger the storm poses after landing ashore here in Ireland.

“Flabbergasted,” one elderly woman told us of her reaction to the threat as we accosted her while she was exiting her local shop.

Further attempts to scare the ever living shit out of the woman proved unfruitful, but the threat remains in place as evidenced by yet more shocking comments the storm continues to leave on Irish news sites.

“The mouldy auld head on ya, ye geriatric gowl, can’t wait to slow you down with a gust as ye try to cross the road,” came another comment from Storm Jonas, in response to a comment left by a user on the Daily Edge article ’10 GIFs about Laois Camogie you have to see before you die’.

It is still unclear as to how Storm Jonas gained access to Ireland’s 3G network, but the elderly have been urged to remain indoors and share any stories of fearing for their lives with us as soon as possible.