UFC 200 Headliners Announced: McGregor Vs ISIS


THE UFC hasn’t waited long in announcing the follow up to Conor McGregor’s astonishing knockout of Jose Aldo, and the announcement brings an end to years of speculation.

“We’ve seen what Conor can do, and this was a fight we were always looking into, it was just a case of schedules lining up right together,” UFC CEO Dana White said, confirming that Notorious would face up against Caliphate enthusiasts ISIS.

“They’re pound for pound the best terrorist group operating in the world today, but they haven’t seen what Conor’s left hook can do. We’re excited, the box office will undoubtedly be a new record,” White added, before taking time out to drool on the amount of money the bout would make the UFC.

While this will be the first UFC bout to feature a terrorist organisation, rumours in MMA circles suggest the negotiations on the finer details of the fight and training camps were relatively hassle free and UFC 200’s main event has been among the easiest to negotiate.

“As far as training camps go, ISIS says they’re already operating several, they were desperate for the MGM Grand as it has always been a dream of theirs to fight in the US, but we’re going to the neutral ground of Switzerland,” White confirmed.

With the fight just freshly announced early bookie odds are making McGregor the overwhelming favourite at 1/300.