Awkward Scenes As Kenny Draws Varadkar For Secret Santa


THE annual Dáil ‘Kris Kringle’ draw has once again proved to be a source of inter-party controversy for the Fine Gael/Labour coalition, after Taoiseach Enda Kenny ended up as secret Santa to the Minister for Health, Leo Varadkar.

The pair have clashed over issues ranging from abortion to budget restrictions several times over the past year, with many claiming that the Taoiseach feels threatened by the rise of Varadkar through the party.

Kenny now finds himself in an awkward position, with just over a week to go until the Dáil Christmas party, where he has to present the Dublin West TD with a gift valued at no more than twenty euro.

Sources close to the Taoiseach have let slip that Mr. Kenny attempted several times to get fellow party members to swap with him, before resigning himself to getting Mr. Varadkar a gift set of shower gel in Boots or something like that.

“If he swaps, he’s admitting that he has personal issues with Leo. It’s going to gall him to spend a score on him,” said one Fine Gael insider.”We suggested getting him something funny like a nurses outfit, or Operation. Something that would get a bit of a giggle going at the party, but Enda is determined to make the whole thing as po-faced as possible. He’s seriously considering just giving Leo 20 euro in cash”.

Meanwhile, members of the Anti-Austerity Alliance have let slip that they’re pooling money to sign Paul Murphy up to Irish Water and pay his bill for the year, just to wind him up.