Nation Demands To Know Who Is Voting For Fine Gael In Latest Poll?


AN enraged public was left scratching its head again after a Sunday Times poll put the public’s satisfaction with the majority coalition partners at 31%.

Pointing out a litany of problems which persist in Irish life, a visibly annoyed public demanded to know ‘who was voting in these fucking polls’.

“Where do they source these fuckers from? I mean, did they just poll relatives of Fine Gael TDs? Even then, I’d say 31% is too fuckin’ high,” opined Dara Cody, a member of the public currently waiting in A&E since last Wednesday.

The poll itself was conducted over a 10 day period in early November and suggests that Fine Gael could begin to dream of a future where they would just need a handful of Independent TDs in order to form a Government.

“All joking aside, I need to see the names of these empty headed shites who voted,” shared Ciara Cumisky, a symphysiotomy survivor, who is still waiting on a Government compensation scheme to assess her claim.

“Sorry, hang on, their support is up by 5%? How in God’s name is that possible?” Nigel Toner, a homeless man on the streets of Cork queried.

However, among the criticism there was at least one dissenting voice.

“Ah c’mon, the last budget was class,” explained Brona Prentice, who thanks to the Government, is €2.50 better off than this time last year.

A poll due out some time next week based on sentiment found in comment sections will see the urge to murder all politicians rise by 56%.