Couple Spend 12 Hours Browsing Netflix Without Picking A Movie


A WATERFORD couple who were looking forward to nothing more than a laze on the couch while watching a movie on Netflix have found themselves caught in an endless spiral of browsing and indecision.

“No, you fucking said you wanted to watch a romantic comedy and we spent 30 minutes looking for one, but now you’re ‘okay’ with an action movie, fuck sake like,” Ciara Bellion screamed at her boyfriend of two years Martin Reilly as the difficulty of simply picking a movie revealed itself.

Initially, several movie titles were put on a ‘maybe/back-up’ list in the event of the couple’s failure to find something better, however, due to the list being made in Ciara and Martin’s heads, it was soon forgotten, forcing the search to start over again.

“Ah, I was well in the mood for When Harry Met Sally but when we typed it in they suggested Mona Lisa Smile, if I wanted Mona Lisa Smile I would have typed Mona fucking Lisa Smile into the search yoke,” Martin explained to WWN, highlighting his frustration with the fact that Netflix has fuck all decent movies on the popular streaming service.

4 hours into their search for a nice and light movie that would help them both wind down after a long day of work, Ciara and Martin began to rule out movies long than 90 minutes on account of the fact it was now 11.30pm.

“We had decided on Pain and Gain, you know, it has the Rock like, it’s obviously gonna be class but the fuckin’ thing is over 2 hours long,” Ciara lamented while flicking between genres on the Netflix interface.

Now approaching 3am in the morning the irritable couple are no closer to finding the right movie and may be left with no alternative but to start Breaking Bad from the beginning again.