Boyfriend Needs You To Not Buy That Adele CD Before Christmas


IN A move aimed at easing the stress of finding something suitable to buy their girlfriends for Christmas, men across the country have urged their partners to hold off on buying “25” by Adele until after Christmas.

Panic-stricken husbands and boyfriends are banking on at least buying their missuses the latest record by chart-topping sensation Adele, and have very few ideas as to what else to get.

However, most women across the country who want the album will probably just download it off iTunes or buy it themselves, leading to panicked situations where men have had to find ways to get their partners to delay such a purchase until after Christmas, allowing them to swoop in on Christmas morning with it.

“Seriously, no woman in a relationship should buy anything for herself in the months of November and December,” said one stressed out boyfriend we talked to.

“Doesn’t she know that her fella has no clue as to what to get her? We spend the last half of every year praying for their hairdryers to break down, or for them to show the slightest interest in a new perfume or something. When we saw that Adele was releasing a new album, at least we thought we had ‘one in the bank’. Then I turn around and see herself about to download it onto her phone? Help me out here, love”.

In a bid to dissuade their partners from purchasing the new album, men have tried to hint that they’ve “heard terrible reviews of that new Adele album”, and that anyone looking to buy it should wait until January as “it’ll be cheaper in the sales”.