Parent Warns Child Performing On Toy Show “Don’t Fuck Anything Up”


THE mother of a young girl scheduled to perform on tonight’s Late Late Toy Show has warned her daughter not to put a single foot wrong, or else she’s in for it the next day.

Carmel Sullivan, 39, was delighted when the dance troupe in which her daughter Annie performs was chosen to take part in the opening music and dance medley portion of the show.

Annie, 6, will be tap dancing with nine other little girls and will be seen on television screens for maybe up to 10 whole seconds.

She is under strict instructions from her Mam not to “fuck anything up” during that time, and has been warned of the serious repercussions she will face if she so much as gets a single tap out of place.

“It’s important for me to dance good tonight, because Mummy wanted to be a dancer when she was my age, but didn’t get the opportunities that I did,” said the adorable Annie, on a thirty second break from nine straight hours of rehearsal.

“I’m to go out there and smile and do all my steps right and make Mummy look good. She’s told all her friends to watch the show and to look out for me so if I do something bad, then she’ll be really sad and I won’t get to go to dance school anymore because I’ll have wasted my one big chance in life”.

Meanwhile, the parents of a young rural boy who will be speaking to Ryan Tubridy tonight on the subject of dinosaurs has been advised by his parents to be “as much of a character” as he can.