Jim Corr To Give Corrupt Monetary System Another Chance


IRISH musician and conspiracy theorist Jim Corr has confirmed that he will give the corrupt monetary system another chance after failing to take it down single-handedly over the past decade while on a hiatus from performing with his band, The Corrs.

Following an announcement by the band that they were getting back together, Mr. Corr decided to put all his differences with the new world order behind him in favour of substantial royalty cheques and fame.

“No point in leaving myself out of pocket,” the 51-year-old told WWN shortly after signing a new contract with a Warner Brothers owned record label. “I’m pretty sure I did my bit as regards to educating the masses about the ongoing greed and corruption that is rife in global banks and corporations. It’s time to get something back.

“Hopefully the world elite isn’t too mad at me for blowing the whistle on them. Sure, it was only a bit of craic anyway,” he added.

Corr, who is a member of the 9/11 Truth Movement and operates a website where he writes about the New World Order including the notion that September 11th was an inside job, is due to tour the UK & Ireland with his siblings, Andrea, Sharon and Caroline early next year.