Donald Trump Admits There’s A Lot Of Great Ideas In Mein Kampf


AMERICAN presidential hopeful Donald Trump has admitted to drawing on the measured and reasoned writings of Adolf Hilter’s manifesto Mein Kampf in an effort to find a solution to the ‘Muslim problem’.

Speaking at a Republican rally, Trump endorsed proposals such as collating a database on US citizens who happen to be Muslim, and perhaps issuing them with a unique ID, much to the derision and disgust of many American citizens.

“I’m going to come up with the best way of discriminating against a large group of people, believe you me, and this guy Hitler, he had some good ideas, but he didn’t go far enough, let’s make America great again,” Trump said to a surprising number of applause from the crowd.

Citing the threat posed by Syrian refugees using made-up facts for the purposes of inciting hate and fear, Trump said he had leafed through his old first edition copy of Mein Kampf and admitted it was a great read, with a wealth of great information and arguments.

“I mean, the guy was a socialist let’s not forget that, but he had one, maybe two good ideas, he went on to tattoo large groups of troublesome people and rounded them up in prisons and camps, this is what we have to do,” Trump added.

Trump admitted, however, that he had a problem with the idea of applying a star to the clothes of Muslims living in America.

“I’d be happy to replace it with a Trump logo, that’s a great branding opportunity, and some giant ‘X’ or something through the word ‘Muslim’, believe you me, this would solve everything,” Trump concluded.