Local Man Urged To Open Up About His Depression, Then Stop Going On About It


A tight-knit Waterford village gathered together in unison today to lend temporary support to a local man who bravely opened up about his descent into depression, WWN has learned.

The village of Drumhill differs from many other locations throughout the country in that their residents seemed put out by people sharing personal experiences in the hope of showing others that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, instead preferring to use their time to store up their energies for speculating wildly in the aftermath of an avoidable local tragedy.

Showing their support for International Men’s Day, which falls on the 19th of November and stresses the importance of mental health amongst men, many residents admitted their empathy and possible assistance was at an all time high over the course of the 24 hour period, and would soon dwindle due to their disinterested and callous nature.

Gavin Hurley, 26, was urged by the village of Drumhill to share his feelings of anxiety, sadness and worry at a local talk about mental health, provided he shut up about it after that and not insist on trying to change people’s attitudes permanently in regards to the stigma that surrounds it.

“My heart and ears are open to anyone who is suffering or needs a helping hand, but it does get a bit repetitive if they’re always on about it,” explained one local resident who was under the impression mental health is only important when she reads about it 3 or 4 times a year in the news.

Mr. Hurley for his part, was grateful for the support, but warned that his journey would actually extend way beyond the day that is in it.

“It’s always of great benefit to have people open up and extend their empathy, but I have a feeling I might want to talk about this sort of stuff down the line, maybe even in the run up to Christmas, and I hope that doesn’t inconvenience anyone,” Hurley added.

Hurley also urged anyone who had similar feelings to himself to share their story with mental health service such as mentalhealthireland.ie, and stpatricks.ie