5 Election Promises All Parties Are Afraid To Make


WE are still without an exact date for Ireland’s next general election, but several things are already abundantly clear to the average Irish voter as election speculation reaches fever pitch.

There are just some election promises the big parties refuse to make, for fear of alienating key voters who could get them elected, but the refusal to commit to certain election promises lays bare, the parties’ complete lack of vision, leadership and ambition.

1) The 7-day weekend. We all know politicians are in the pockets of big business who need the working classes chained to their desk 24/7 and in the name of profit, and there’s no clearer proof of that than a failure to promise a 7-day weekend throughout the year to hard-up voters. Shameful.

2) “I couldn’t possibly fix that pot hole outside your house” – politicians are increasingly growing annoyed at the voters’ insistence that they ignore the bigger picture in favour of fixing potholes and roads outside voters’ homes. Election candidates have consistently rejected such electioneering in favour of pursuing votes on a platform of trying to achieve a more equitable and fair society, achieved through monumental reform.

3) Spineless politicians are clearly afraid to reverse the disgusting loophole in the constitution, which sees them take money directly from taxpayers lining their own greedy pockets. We haven’t encountered a party yet that is brave enough to abolish this ludicrous and archaic thievery from the public, but amazingly it is alleged each and every TD in Dáil skimming as much as €87,250 each from the tax take. Outrageous.

4) Despite outcry from voters, no party has committed to ‘blowing Irish Water the fuck up’. Several parties have mooted the idea of abolishing water charges and dismantling Irish Water, but not one single cowardly party in opposition or in power has committed to going beyond simply ending the charges, and actually physically blowing up Irish Water meters, and the body’s head office.

5) Inventing a time machine to go back to 2003 when everything was OK and Ireland was a perfect country with no problems. This typifies the gutlessness of the Irish political class. Scientific research is seemingly not a friend Irish political parties want to make. Despite evidence which suggests everything would be OK if we just time-travelled back to 2003, no party is courageous enough to commit to such an election promise. It’s almost like they’re afraid of everything being perfect in Irish society. Sickening.