Where Are They Now? Kim Kardashian


WHILE the name may barely register in the minds of the public today, there was a brief time where it looked like the daughter of O.J Simpson’s defence lawyer was on the cusp of her 15 minutes of fame after releasing a sex tape.

Today, WWN answers the question: just where is Kimberly Kardashian today.

Kimberly Kardashian had been just 23 when a sex tape she recorded with then boyfriend ‘Ray J’ leaked online, causing her considerable embarrassment, but it was thought by many media insiders that such an occurrence could see the woman most famous for hanging out with Paris Hilton, enjoy some similar sex tape based exposure as her socialite friend.

Despite the prevalence of the tape, the media and the public had clearly grown weary of the well established grab-for-fame methods that so characterised the Hollywood TV and media landscape in the early 2000s.

Unfortunately for Kimberly, all attempts to use what little exposure the sex tape brought were stopped dead in their tracks as TV station after TV station and magazine after magazine showed little appetite for the dull, insipid and frankly insulting notion that the viewing public would ever fall for the ruse of granting someone a TV series simply because their father had gained some notoriety for defending a murderer in the 90s and then had sex on camera in the early 2000s.

“We’ve been criticised in the past for having no principles, but I think we drew a line at that point, in effect saying we weren’t going to insult the public’s intelligence by insisting this woman was famous, or had any merit, when frankly she wasn’t and she didn’t,” TV host Ryan Seacrest told WWN, reflecting upon the time he rejected Kardashian’s pitch to follow her and her family around with cameras.

With our memories now refreshed, WWN can reveal what this almost famous woman did after her conceited attempts to climb the fame ladder sadly failed.

A tense home environment saw relations become even more strained when Kimberly’s mother Kris, a former flight attendant, demanded that her daughter seek out a job and career, or even possibly a return to education.

Kimberly, still delusionally expecting a life of fame and fortune to visit her, continued to attend prominent LA nightclubs which were known for their celebrity regulars. This carried on for several months until finally Kris decided to kick her daughter out of the house, leaving the then 24-year-old to fend for herself.

On the back of a tip from a Kardashian family friend, we took to the outskirts of Hidden Hills city, along the Fallbrook Avenue and we arrived at the location where we were told Kardashian now worked.

While not full of the glamour Kardashian once expected following her brief brush with fame, this cautionary tale would have a meaningful end.

It was hard to recognise her with a hair net, but it was Kardashian all the same, handing over a large pile of meat marked ‘Meat Pile’ to customers in the deli section of the Fallbrook Center’s Walmart.

I introduced myself, and explained why I was wishing to speak with her. After a few questions, Kimberly explained she had not lost hope of becoming famous, but admitted with no discernable talents, she was unsure as to how to make it happen. Her Twitter following of just 457 didn’t augur well for such aspirations.

Her suggestion that she would lend her name to a variety of useless products, which would be backed by an investor, was immediately shot down by myself, I even went as far to brand such a move as ‘idiotic’.

She then handed me a perfume she said she had made herself. Despite my insistence, Miss Kardashian assured me that cat piss and vomit did not feature in the chemical make up of the fragrance.

It was then I realised I had become quite peckish and instructed Miss Kardashian to retrieve a meat pile for me, she informed me it was a signature ‘Kim Kardashian Meat Pile’ and once again I pointed how stupid a concept it was to simply lend her name to a product and then listed off all the reasons why such a business venture would be disastrous as the general public was too smart to be convinced to indulge the deluded aspirations of one woman.