Dublin Girl’s Life Exactly The Same After Returning From ‘Life Changing’ Trip To India


DUBLIN Girl Emer Reilly has returned from a life changing 6 week holiday in India and seamlessly slipped back into everyday life, WWN can reveal.

Emer, deeply affected by the transformative experience of spending much of her time on an exclusive beach resort in Goa, took the same bus to work she has taken for the last 7 years.

“It was such an eye opener, I’m not sure my life will ever be the same after it,” Emer told her coworkers as she returned to work at Downey Morrison Solicitors with her usual packed lunch of chicken sandwiches with no crusts.

“The people there just have a different perspective on life,” added Emer citing her one interaction with the Indian woman on her hotel’s reception desk.

Not content with confining tales of her life changing trip to absolutely everyone in her office, Emer spent the evening with friends, sharing her transcendent experiences.

“So, so, so spiritual,” Emer later explained to friends as they watched the Made in Chelsea episodes she missed while away, “the Taj Mahal is such a holy place,” Emer added, speaking of the large mausoleum.

Emer’s friends, Ciara and Alannah both noted how different and life-changed Emer looked despite only having a slight tan.

“You get a lot of time to contemplate and think and it just changed my life,” Emer further added, without going into detail about any changes she will make.

“We went to this one yoga class and it was great because you could leave in your chakras and they dry cleaned them while you took the class,” Emer concluded.