Artist Roped Into Free Project Can’t Wait For All That ‘Great Exposure’


LOCAL artist Dermot Toomey is said to be ecstatic today after being roped into yet another free community project.

Mr. Toomey, 48, whose work has been renowned in the area for years, was persuaded by members of the local council to create a series of paintings and sculptures for an up-and-coming festival in his town, in exchange for a rather great amount of exposure.

“I just love giving my talent away for free,” Toomey told WWN earlier, six hours into the 120 hour wall painting project he will never be paid for. “I’m just thinking how all this great exposure is going to benefit me in the long run, just like all the previous times I was made do something for free.

“I just hope I don’t get over-exposed with all the exposure I’ve been getting lately.”

This is the fifth year in a row the county Waterford man has been gifted with such an opportunity, following huge cuts in art grants in the region.

“All I’ll have to do after this, is sit back and watch all those money offers roll in.” he added, without a hint of sarcasm whatsoever.

Meanwhile, local actors and musicians have also come forward to voice their excitement at being offered roles and slots in the festivals parade and ‘viral video’ campaign.

“Yeah. Fucking great.” said lead-singer of The Scabs, a local metal band. “Nothing tingles our bollocks more than hauling our gear from bar to bar for exposure. Its the new currency in Ireland these days.”

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