Unexpected Item In Bagging Area Finally Tips Man Over The Edge


WATERFORD man Eddie Benson has finally lost it at the self service check out in his local Tesco, WWN can exclusively reveal.

Friends claim Mr. Benson was having a tough week, but had somehow managed to remain quite upbeat.

“Ah Lorna left him and took the kids at the start of the week and then he was let go from his job, but he actually seemed in good form,” explained close friend Andrew Lyons.

“He was in great form in the pub the other night, which surprised me ya know with his mother dying and all and then there was the house being repossessed and someone taking up two parking spaces outside the pub,” added friend Davy Quinn.

CCTV footage seen by WWN confirms that the moment Mr. Benson was finally tipped over the edge coincided with the self service checkout declaring the presence of an unexpected item in the bagging area.

“Just watch him here, he places the milk down and then just stops for about 10 seconds,” security guard Tommy Dunne told WWN, “then all hell broke loose”.

Eyewitness accounts paint a clear and frightening picture of Mr. Benson’s meltdown.

“He just started up a conversation with the bagging area, it got very strange, very quickly,” explained concerned shopper Eileen Brady, “he starting shouting ‘I’ll fuck up your fucking bagging area you useless bastard’ and began banging on it. Then he ran away and that’s when things got serious”.

Mr. Benson rushed to a nearby aisle, returning with several items.

“Yeah, I guess I just didn’t react quickly enough,” security guard Dunne offered, “he had the checkout covered in fuel and it was up in flames in no time”.

Mr. Benson was detained by gardaí but later released without charge as they conceded the fact that self service checkouts are a right pain in the hole sometimes.

A recent study confirmed 34% of nervous breakdowns in Ireland now take place at self service checkouts.