Irish Rail Strike To Save Commuters Billions In Travel Expenses



REGULAR Irish Rail commuters are expected to save billions in travel expenses next week after a planned five day strike over pay cuts was announced by NBRU and SIPTU workers.

It is believed the average rail passenger will save up to €678 each over the five day industrial dispute by using cheaper methods of transport.

“I was actually surprised to find it cheaper to fly from Cork to Dublin,” said accountant Derek Tracey, a regular train user. “Hopefully the strike will last a bit longer than a week. At this rate I’ll be able to afford a car of my own.”

Train services in Ireland are notoriously expensive, with some longer routes, charging in excess of €500 return.

Irish Rail Communications Manager, Barry Kenny, told WWN that the company will lose around ten billion euros over the five day period.

“That figure may come as a shock to people, but the cost of maintaining and running a train is quite high,” he said without blinking. “You’ve got fuel costs, and …….the driver, and ….um….the conductor – he can be expensive.

“There’s also other hidden costs too. Did I mention fuel? Anyway, it’s very dear to run so it tis.”

The strike, which is to begin on Sunday, will also affect GAA fans hoping to travel to Dublin for the All-Ireland football semi-final.

“What am I supposed to do now, get a bus?” asked one culchie follower of the sport. “I’m after taking out a rake of money for the train! Now I have to carry it around with me during the game? Hopefully the GAA lads will have some expensive merchandise for sale there. I’m awful worried now. Dublin is full of junkie thieves. If only had Irish Rail a public drawer we could just all dump our fare money into. This country is gone to the dogs.”