Man Taking ‘What Friends Character Are You?’ Quiz Left Devastated After Getting Gunther



“You always hear about how every group has a Gunther, but you just never think it’s going to be you,” shared a shocked Gavin Hickey with WWN.

Gavin, a 27-year-old geography lecturer, started yesterday like any other day by going to work and discussing the merits of wind energy and the silent killer that is coastal erosion. While on his lunch break, however he decided to browse the internet.

“I was just planning on killing time and saw this quiz on Buzzfeed,” explained Gavin. The quiz involved answering a number of questions about popular and fondly remembered 90s sitcom ‘Friends’ which centred around the trials and tribulations of 6 attractive New Yorkers.

Thinking it would be a nice way to wind down and relax Gavin proceeded to answer the 42 questions, hoping to be told he was lovable joker Chandler Bing.

“He’s funny and he gets Courtney Cox when she still had a face that moved – what was wrong with that?” an increasingly distraught looking Gavin shared, “and then the worst happened.”

Having completed the quiz, it returned a result of ‘Gunther’ which any 90s television expert will tell you is an online quiz result worse than death itself.

“I rang one of my friends immediately and I said ‘Sarah, am I the Gunther? Just be honest, am I?’ I could tell from the slight hesitation in her voice that I was,” Gavin said before breaking down.

“Obviously I took the quiz again and changed a bunch of answers, but I still got Gunther a second time. I’m at a loss as what to do now”.

Gavin placed several more calls to friends, but they went unanswered with Gavin speculating Sarah had told them he knew he was the Gunther.

“You see the friend ecosystem is a gently balanced thing, where the paradigm to shift ever so slightly with let’s say, someone finding out they are the Gunther of the group, the damage is irreparable,” explained anthropologist Dr. Stephen Jones.

“Fuck it, I’m going to have to start my life over somewhere else,” a disconsolate Gavin shared before aimlessly rambling, “it must of been question 6, no maybe question 9 ‘Do you sniff you friends hair?’ come on Gavin get a grip of yourself!”