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Local Man ‘A Bit Much’

THE FRIEND group of one Waterford man have concluded that he is ‘a bit much’ but have no plans on telling him to his face to tone it down a bit so he is easier to share company with, WWN can reveal. Sean Clennan, 27, has, according to his friends and co-workers a habit of… Read more »

Woman Introducing Way Too Many Side Characters Into What Should Be Simple Bit Of Gossip

WATERFORD woman Eileen McHardle has agreed to attend a one-day seminar on effective gossiping, following feedback from her peers about how she keeps adding in too many side notes and ancillary characters. “I’m learning so much today” said McHardle, known for her rambling hour-long bitching sessions that frequently lose sight of what her initial gossip… Read more »

What To Expect From The Friends Reunion

WITH a new trailer released for the much anticipated Friends Reunion special, WWN has gained exclusive access to what die hard fans will be in store for when the one-off special airs on the 27th of May: There is no escaping James Corden. He is everywhere. Not only is he hosting the Friends reunion special,… Read more »

“Don’t Tell Anyone This Now, But…” Begins Local Gossip

MAKING sure to cover his ass over the information he’s about to leak, Waterford man Darren Lafferty began his latest dose of gossip with ‘don’t tell anyone this now, but’, before going on to slander, defame and destroy his latest victim. Starting out with the all too familiar busy-body line which qualifies as some sort… Read more »

“I Did Warn Him” Man Stabbed For Calling Into Friend After 9pm

WATERFORD District Court has heard that the stabbing of a 34-year-old man in the city centre last year was ‘unpreventable’ after the victim called to the defendant’s home at 9.45pm, without so much as a text or call. Solicitor Eamon Mahoney stated that long-time friend of Dermot Hantigan, James Martin, ‘cold called’ his client by… Read more »

Local Man Always Has To Outdo Friends’ Stories

ONE LOCAL is incapable of letting his friends tell a story, joke or anecdote without immediately relaying a story that needlessly attempts to outdo or one-up what’s just been said, WWN can confirm. Tom Muckridge, 26, has never heard a story told by friends that he hasn’t felt compelled to interrupt with his own over-embellished… Read more »