Local Man ‘A Bit Much’


THE FRIEND group of one Waterford man have concluded that he is ‘a bit much’ but have no plans on telling him to his face to tone it down a bit so he is easier to share company with, WWN can reveal.

Sean Clennan, 27, has, according to his friends and co-workers a habit of entering into conversations with a heightened enthusiasm which requires too much effort to match.

“It’s tough,” admitted Clennan’s co-worker Triona Sheppard, “I’ll say ‘weather doesn’t look great today, hah?’ but Sean will jump right in and throw all his energy into a 10 minute detailed exploration of the rain. I was just making empty small talk on my way to the printer,” explained Sheppard.

The pattern is continued on night’s out when Clennan’s bon vivant nature means he laughs longer, harder and louder and can often be found shouting directly into people’s ears while in the smoking area.

“Don’t get me wrong he’s lovely, but he’s a bit, bit, bit…much ya know? Sometimes I just want to get drunk and be the most annoying and obnoxious person in the group but then Sean’s always there screaming in everyone’s face about how he loves the song the DJ is playing or he’s slagging off the bouncers,” shared friend Michael.

Asked to comment on the accusations, Clennan ended up monopolising the conversation, never letting this reporter get a word in and often interrupting mid sentence.

“See, we weren’t lying. A. Bit. Much,” concluded his friends, rolling their eyes and contemplating getting a taxi home from the pub while Clennan was in the toilet.