You Won’t Believe How Cute This Marriage Proposal Is



If you thought romance was dead prepare to have your mind blown…

What gal doesn’t dream of being whisked off her feet by their very own Prince Charming? Many of us are still searching for that special someone, but that’s not a problem anymore for Prisha Kapoor, whose husband-to-be Amil Gupta surprised her with the proposal of a lifetime.

You will only get more jealous the more you read. You have been warned!

“Well Amil told me to put on a blindfold and before I knew it, we were driving along a road,” Prisha told WWN, “I was nervous at first but had an idea this might be the night”.

What Amil did next would melt the heart of even the most hardened romance-phobic man or woman.

“When Amil opened the boot I was a bit disorientated so couldn’t make it out at first,” explained Prisha, “but then I saw some of Amil’s family and I thought no, no way is this happening. You hear about it all the time, but you never think it will be your turn”.

Amil was even thoughtful enough to invite a handful of Prisha’s family to the epic moment he proposed.

“Yeah, my dad was there too, you could say he thought everything through, but I kind of got distracted by all the decorations,” added Prisha.

Such a monumental occasion can be tough to take in, with witnesses noting Prisha looked so was shocked by it all she began to cry. Who wouldn’t?

“It wasn’t so much a proposal as a proposal-then-immediately-get-married,” the 13-year-old, newly married woman explained.

“Having only met Amil the day before it’s been a big adjustment, but if you could help me escape that would be great,” the lucky wife pleaded with WWN.

Now where does one get a husband like that?