Israel Seriously Damaging Chances In Next Years Eurovision



Three-time winners Israel have been asked to consider the damage they are doing to their chances of victory at next year’s Eurovision Song Contest, following another day of bombarding Palestinian civilians without any repercussions from World leaders.

As Israeli tanks freely destroy military targets such as Hamas rocket-launcher sites, rebel tunnels and civilian hospitals in Gaza, concerns were raised among officials in the capital Jerusalem over how this may impact the country’s standing in the prestigious music competition.

With the voting system now in the hands of the public rather than the old jury system, there are fears that the public’s anger at a ruthless military invasion of a third world state will manifest itself in a dreaded “null point” finish at next year’s contest, due to be held in Austria.

“Our placing in next year’s contest is our only real concern right now,” said Israeli chief of music Dan Liron.

“There’s literally nothing else concerning us as we bomb the Palestinian people into the fucking ground wholesale. No country will come out against us, no sanctions have been imposed on us, and as for the whole “Boycott Israeli Products” thing? Please. Who is going to stop eating Kit-Kats?”

Liron went on to voice his concerns that regardless of the quality of the Israeli song next year, it will suffer from the public anger over the invasion of Gaza.

“Next year’s contest… that’s when things could turn ugly for us. Historically, countries that have waged war with much weaker opponents have suffered in the following year’s competition. We are hoping to repeat the success we had with Dana International back in 1998. Honestly, if you think what we’re doing in Gaza is bad right now, you’d hate to see what we’d be doing if we weren’t worried about revenge voting next year”.