Record Number Of Bond Villains Attend Bilderberg Conference

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Copenhagen has hit the headlines today as it plays host to the annual Bilderberg conference.

The Danish captial was closely monitored as a who’s who of the business and political world met to discuss public policy and business practices amongst other things all behind closed doors.

Bilderberg has consistent and vocal critics who see it as a secretive conference where prominent CEOs are allowed unfettered access to politicians which leads to accusations of undue influence in the public policies of a number of leading democracies.

The reputation of Bilderberg is set to take a massive hit today as WWN has learned that a record number of Bond villains attended this year’s forum.

A nefarious and duplicitous rogues gallery descended upon Copenhagen this morning with what WWN believes will result in a masterful plot involving the kidnapping of heads of state or the stealing of the nuclear launch codes. Or worse yet the crown jewels of Denmark.

While other sections of the media have long been criticised for turning a blind eye to the Bilderberg summits, WWN has put its safety on the line by bringing its readers this exclusive.

Protestors outside the event were appalled to see a number of prominent villains walking around openly in Copenhagen.

“I guess it’s normal to see a henchman or two,” explained experienced protester Sunflower Honey, “people like Oddjob have to earn a living and maybe he’s working a private security gig, but then I saw Ernst Stavro Blofeld and I’m like ‘something’s not right here’, ya know?”

On further investigation WWN obtained the names of guests staying in the Ritz Carlton in Copenhagen and among the guests were the infamous and notorious Franciso Scaramanga, Le Chiffre and Max Zorin.

WWN made several unanswered calls to Ritz security seeking clarification as our suspicions were further raised after discovering the entire floor, above where a key meeting between politicians and business leaders was set to take place, was booked out under the name of the shadowy organisation known as SPECTRE.

Just in the last few moments eye witness accounts in Copenhagen have suggested that a local mountain peak broke away its facade to reveal a secret missile launch site leaving all in attendance to fear the worst.

More to follow as we get it…

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