‘Male’ Order Bride Customer In For Surprise



WWN has learned of a hilarious mix up involving an Irish man and a mail order bride service on the internet.

In an incident described by some as simply ‘laugh out loud’, Cork man Richard O’Malley got more than he bargained for after using the maleorderbride.com website.

“It seems obvious now, a simple error on my part, but I honestly didn’t see it at the time,” confessed Richard as he sat at home with his new bride.

Richard, to his embarrassment, accidentally clicked on the ‘deluxe’ male bride option, meaning he paid double the amount for the illegal purchase of a human being. The deluxe option being the most expensive, most luxurious model of human companion available.

“I know, I know, how did I make that mistake? My credit card bill has skyrocketed, but I suppose Demetri here comes with a six-pack and a degree in French and Italian,” shared an embarrassed Richard.

Richard is believed to be one of many people who makes an error, resulting in hilarity, when making the purchase of a bride online.

“I know many people probably think when you order your bride online some Hollywood-esque comedy scrapes will entail, and boy did I get a real ‘lol’ moment,” Richard continued.

The €250 million a year illegal trade results in many certifiably ‘lol’ moments with Richard’s mix-up being one of hundreds.

Asked if he regretted getting the deluxe model, Richard was quite honest. “No, I don’t regret it at all, I had anticipated requiring chains to keep him in the house but this model comes with an inbuilt gps tracker so there’s no getting away.”