Dublin Man Who ‘Forgot’ To Buy Drink Yesterday To Spend The Day Bumming Cans


DESPITE the Government spending close to €1 million on their ‘Buy Before Friday’ awareness campaign, as many as 100 people this year forget to purchase alcohol in time for Good Friday, leaving them in the unenviable position of possibly going a day without drink.

WWN can exclusively reveal that one such man is Dubliner Anthony Doherty.

“Ah fuck it man, completely forgot,” Anthony shared with his friends on his Facebook before popping around to his friend Mark’s house.

Shortly after 9am this morning Anthony began politely tapping on Mark’s bedroom window with the aid of a number of large stones.

“Any cans?” Anthony repeatedly shouted before Mark finally woke up. “Cheers man, I appreciate it. I’d forget my head if it wasn’t screwed on,” Anthony added as he rifled through Mark’s fridge.

Anthony is set to spend the rest of the day finding the perfect session that can cater to his all his forgetful needs.

“What are the chances that I would forget 8 years running, huh? I’m some eejit,” shared Anthony before he downed the remainder of a shoulder of vodka.