Keith Barry Arrested For Brain Hacking



WATERFORD Gardai have arrested Irish stage mentalist Keith Barry this morning at his home for the alleged “brain hacking” of 4,000 people over a 3 year period.

Mr. Barry was brought to Ballybricken Garda station at 9am this morning for questioning, but was later transferred to a “mind safe” facility in Cork University after several detectives deemed him “unsafe” for normal questioning.

The master of Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) and hypnotism is believed to be held in a nuclear style bunker on the college campus, where he can be held for up to 48 hours for questioning.

A warrant was issued by high court Judge Terrence Clarke after a complaint was made about Mr. Barry’s ongoing brain hacking around the country.

In the Garda report Redfm DJ Neil Prendeville rang local Gardai claiming the magician had “hacked” several staff at the station into booking him for a live interview.

Speaking to WWN earlier, Mr. Prendeville said he was “unaware” his producer had booked Barry for the interview.

“My producer told me that she had booked Mr. Barry last week, but actually had no recollection of doing it herself.” stated Prendeville. “It’s quite obvious he hacked her brain and made her book him in. I was having none of it so I cancelled the interview. That man is evil and should be locked away for the sake of humanity.”

Cork detectives said they are contracting a special team of “anti-hackers” to fly in and question the county Waterford man.