US Scientist Caught Taking Artificially Grown Vagina Home


BEN FISHER a research assistant at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine in North Carolina was discovered attempting to bring an artificially grown vagina with him as he leaving for the night.

This news comes after last week the Wake Forest institute announced that vaginas were successfully implanted into four teenage girls who have a congenital condition, Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome which meant their own did not develop properly.

The 23 year old was trying to sneak out one of the extra unused vaginas for what he termed “research”.

Chief researcher Dr. Ayaan Malhotra expressed his disappointment at Mr. Fisher’s actions last night.

“I feel massively let down by Ben. He is one of the institute’s top young scientists and to pull a stunt like this? I cannot believe it. If Ben was having trouble with woman I thought he could to me, after all I am considered a pussy magnet round here.”

Todd Harris, Mr. Fisher’s roommate shed some light for WWN as to why he may have taken this course of action.

“He’s a total virgin man. I’ve never known someone who was as much of a virgin as Benny. It practically reeked off him. If anything I’m glad he was caught pussy handed, at least this means he’s not a fag which I totally he was.”

Despite pleading his innocence to the Wake Forest board of directors, Mr. Fisher is to be transferred to the penis growing department as punishment and if any further indiscretions arise then he will be dismissed.