‘World’s Greatest Mom’ Goes Back To Being Ignored By Children



Sheila Mannion, a 59-year-old mother of 4, received unparalleled acclaim yesterday from her children Stephen, Sarah, Paul and Ciara.

Unlike the rest of the Nation’s mothers, Sheila was unequivocally declared the World’s greatest mother and as a result was showered with attention and a number of reasonably priced gifts.

Sheila was held in long, loving and tight embraces by all of her children with her usually stoic son, Steven telling her in a private moment of earnestness that ‘anything I’ve achieved was only made possible by you.’

“I’ve had a great day now, thanks to the lot of you,” Sheila declared while clutching a bouquet of flowers and wiping away tears of joy.

This morning Sheila thought to once again thank her thoughtful children for what was a lovely day, but her calls to her children all went unanswered.

Thinking on her feet, Sheila rang the reception of Steven’s accountancy firm in the hope of reaching him only to overhear her son tell his secretary “Christ, what does she want now, I spent the bloody day with her yesterday. Tell her I’m in a meeting.”

Sheila, drinking tea from her ‘World’s Greatest Mom’ mug, sent her youngest daughter Ciara a Facebook message enquiring if she wanted to watch Philomena on DVD this weekend only to receive no response.

This puzzled Shelia as Ciara had been quite active on Facebook all day posting a number of selfies which Shelia admitted were only gorgeous but was left confused.

‘Oh it’s probably a Facebook error like last time’ Sheila said to herself.

Sheila reminded herself to ask Sarah along to the DVD night, but was still waiting on her to confirm the friend request she had sent.

Shortly afterwards Sheila’s eyes lit up as she received a call from Paul only to have her hopes dashed once more.

“I, eh, can’t make it for dinner this evening. I’ve, eh, a you know, thing. It’s important so, eh, yeah sorry. I’ll ring you next week and we’ll organise something for next month, okay?” Paul said before promptly hanging up.

‘But I’ve already defrosted the chicken’ Sheila mournfully thought to herself.

More to follow as we get it…