Attractive Woman Kicked Out Of Bed For Eating Biscuits



PART-TIME promotional model and former Bebo Stunner Natasha D’Arcy found her one-night stand with a local man last Saturday night cut short, following her decision to interrupt a lovemaking session with a quick snack.

The highly attractive 24 year old had enjoyed a night of socialising with Mark Deeghan, also 24, in their native town of Drogheda, after which they returned to Marks flat on the outskirts of town. The evening had been very enjoyable, up until a peckish Natasha let her appetite get the better of her.

“I met Mark down the town and we hit it off straight away”, Natasha told us.

“We had a few drinks, went to a nightclub… Everything felt great so we went back to his. I was starving and wanted to get a kebab on the way, but he didn’t want to wait. So on the way up to his bedroom, I grabbed a pack of chocolate hobnobs from the kitchen”.

As the couple got hot and heavy in the one-bedroom flat, the pretty model sneakily helped herself to a few biccies until her companion realised what was happening. Irate at the state of his bed, Mark snapped and asked Natasha to get dressed and leave. A week after the incident and still finding crumbs between the sheets, he had this to say;

“Do you know, it’s been a long time since I’ve been with a woman as stunning as Natasha”, he told us.

“She’s got incredible eyes, a great smile, and just a knockout body altogether. The night was incredible, up to the point when I rolled over and got crumbs stuck to me from my neck to the top of my arse. There was melting chocolate all over the duvet and bits of oats under my balls. No matter what a man says, no matter how attractive a woman is… if you eat biscuits in a mans bed, you’re getting kicked the fuck out”,