Woman Eagerly Waits Past 3 a.m. For First Facebook Birthday Message


YESTERDAY a Cork hairdresser sacrificed a good night’s sleep in order to read and like her first Facebook birthday message posted by her friends on her wall.

Mary Higgins, who just turned 26 told WWN how much she loves her birthday because she gets all the attention she desperately craves and no one can give out to her about it.

She said “I just love how it is the one day of the year that it is socially acceptable to be as selfish as I possibly can be. I mean it’s an entire day dedicated to me.”

Ms. Higgins always attempts to make the most of her birthdays and this one was to be no exception

She went on, “I decided I’d stay up and watch the flurry of messages being posted on my wall the second the clock struck midnight. It was at half 1 that I started to worry.”

Her sick mother had sent a text wishing her a wonderful birthday a few minutes past midnight, but what Ms. Higgins really desired was the acknowledgement of online acquaintances.

“I remember checking the time and it’s reading 3 a.m. I was about to cry, but I must have passed out from exhaustion. A few hours later I was woken by a birthday message from a guy I shifted in a nightclub once. He was trying the arse off me, but at least it was something.”

It was later in the evening that her friends eventually posted their hollow well wishes. A friend of Ms. Higgins who did not wish to be named divulged to WWN that Ms. Higgins is regarded as “a bit of a cunt on normal days but she’s fucking unbearable on her birthday.”