Revenue Proposes Tax On Birthday Card Money



REVENUE has proposed a nationwide tax on all Birthday and Christmas card monies given to people as gifts, in a bid to clamp down on absolutely everything they can possibly think of.

In a written statement today the government tax department said all donations must be accounted for, even if they are personal donations from a family member or friend.

According to the group “Any income an individual receives” is, in the first instance, taxable i.e. this would include financial wedding gifts, Christmas/birthday cards and even children’s Communion and Confirmation monies. It also stated it is looking into a 10 cent levy for businesses handing out free lollipops to kids.

Waterford businessman and butchers James Heifer told WWN the proposal was an absolute sham, and said his business would lose at least 20 percent of its customers if he was to retract the free lollipop offer to children in his store.

“A lot of parents would usually just come in and buy something to get the free lollipop for their kids.” he explained. “This new levy would mean I would be forced, by law, to charge for the sweet. It’s a disgrace.”

The news of the birthday card money tax comes just two days after the Revenue advised grandparents to declare all babysitting payments in future, even if they haven’t been paid.