Tradition Of Overspending On Xmas Presents In Order To Be Liked Has Begun


The long standing tradition whereby people who are desperate to be loved try to achieve that goal by spending excessive amounts of money on loved ones has begun in earnest.

Despite the well established Kris kindle model employed by families, friends and co-workers up and down the country, hundreds, if not thousands of people are set to break every gentleman’s agreement in favour of trying to buy peoples’ love.

Reasonable spending limits such as €50 or €20 will be completely ignored by those seeking to impress and also secretly trying to completely embarrass other people involved in the process.

These individuals who wish to be liked and see no other viable option other than to spend a ridiculous amount of money on loved ones they suspect don’t particularly like them will invent countless excuses.

Chief among those excuses are ‘but you’ve been so good to me’, ‘well, I got this ages ago and honestly forgot I got it for you’, ‘no, shut up you deserve it’ and ‘sure what else would I do with my bonus’.

Those engaging in this practice are seen to become visibly enraged when someone they know also overspends.

A recent WWN study revealed that this practice of overspending is all but useless.

Whatever good will is built up by lavishing friends and family with much more expensive gifts is used up by the time it comes to Christmas dinner as they become reminded as to why exactly they hated that person in the first place.