Six People Took To The Streets To Celebrate Announcement Of Bailout Exit



It is a moment no Irish citizen will ever forget: where were you when Taoiseach Enda Kenny announced that Ireland would be leaving the international bailout program initiated by the IMF and Europe?

Some citizens will say with pride ‘ye wha?’ Others wiping tears from their eyes will joyously recount ‘I was watching the X Factor when your one, you know your one – ah she was brilliant, you know with the voice and the face?’ and no doubt someone somewhere was probably on the toilet.

The Taoiseach of this Nation decided the best place to inform the public of the bailout exit was not in a highly publicised TV address in his capacity as Taoiseach nor to the an assembled Oireachtas but rather in a speech at the barely watched partisan Fine Gael national conference.

No matter the method of the delivery of the almost unspeakably good news it certainly spread like wild fire.

The streets of the Nation’s capital were filled with as many as 6 people cavorting in an infectious display of the ‘thank fuck that’s over’ dance. The dance consists of wild flailing arms and the occasional decent into an Italia ’90 singalong.

WWN can exclusively reveal that a boy born in Holles street on Saturday evening was named Bailout Exit Kelly.

Why not share your memories of this momentous moment in Irish history with WWN. Where were you when you heard the good news?