‘Stuffed’ Shergar Found In Sitting Room Of McFeely Home


Civil War General Philip Sheridan's taxidermied horse.

CHAMPIONSHIP RACEHORSE Shergar has been found stuffed in Tom McFeely’s home earlier today.

A Garda source confirmed the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) ordered a full scale search of the mansion on Ailesbury Road in Ballsbridge, south Dublin, after a plumber discovered €140,000  last Friday.

The former IRA hunger striker and and bankrupt developer was later arrested at the scene and brought to Store street Garda station for questioning.

It is understood the taxidermied animal was found in a glass case at the back of the McFeely sitting room, wearing full racing gear, including the horses original trainers colours and saddle.

“I entered the premises around ten o’ clock and was blown away to find a life-sized horse just standing there staring at me with one black button for an eye.” said detective Gerard Mackey. “There was a large wooden plaque with the name Shergar written in a comic sans font at the bottom of the case.”

A Garda forensics team later confirmed the DNA taken from the stuffed horse was indeed Shergar’s.

The famous horse was stolen from a stud farm in 1983 by the provincial IRA to raise money for weapons.

Mr.McFeely has recently been embroiled in a court case involving the controversial Priory Hall development in Donaghmede, north Dublin, were some 65 families were forced to move out of the complex in October 2011 after experts deemed it a fire hazard and a string of construction defects were found.

The horse was later removed to a secure location in the city where it is believed to be in a stable condition